Story before Stage 1-1Edit

Kirby and his puff friends are sitting down eating brownies. Suddenly a black shadow appears for a split second. When it dissarpeared all the brownies were gone. Red Kirby got mad like he always does, and ran after him. The black shadow appeared again and instead of floor underneath the Kirbies, there was air. All the Kirbies fell into a cave, and it's up to Red Kirby to save them.

Story before Stage 1-2Edit

Red Kirby finally found the cave. The other Kirbies are inside and as soon as Red Kirby finds them, the exit is blocked off.

Story before Stage 1-3Edit

The Kirbies made it out of the cave, and they saw Whispy Woods. Sadly, Whispy blew them away. The Kirbies landed on some clouds.

Story before Stage 1-4Edit

Orange Kirby fell off the clouds, and the Kirbies all got on their Warp Stars. They all have that Kirby's colour.

Story before Stage 1-5Edit

The Kirbies finally find Orange Kirby just in time, and all the Kirbies bump into Whispy Woods at once. He blows them to his leaves. The Kirbies jump down and battle.

Story before Stage 2-1Edit

Blue Kirby dug a hole with the Animal ability. All the Kirbies crawled through it. However, it was pretty hot when they got out, and they ended up in a desert.

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